Why Experimac?

Experimac is a Proven Business.

With so many franchising opportunities available in Australia today, why should you choose Experimac?

A PROVEN MARKET FOR SUCCESS: We constantly conduct market research and forecasting, and did just thatbefore entering the Australian market. Our research has proven that there is a large need for a dedicated provider of sales, repairs and support for pre-owned Apple® devices – one that offers the walk-in convenience and dedicated customer attention that customers have come to expect from retail Apple® outlets. Currently there are few other one-stop shops for pre-owned Apple® products located in Australia. Contact us today to get an iPhone franchise or electronic store franchise.

BIGGER AND FASTER ROI – Unlike many other franchise concepts, Experimac doesn’t take its time to pay you back. Apple® is an exceptionally popular brand in Australia, and it’s almost guaranteed that by offering premium pre-owned Apple® devices at a fraction of their original price, you can expect an instant demand. People who enter a store likeExperimac aren’t there to browse – they are there to spend. This means that as a franchisee you can expect bigger returns, faster than ever.

FAMILY-ORIENTED COMPANY CULTURE – At Experimac, we understand that you aren’t choosing to run a franchise and be your own boss just so that you can face the same constraints of an employee working a 9-5 job. We offer you an opportunity to work standard operating hours, without putting in time on holidays or Sundays.In turn, you can offer your employees an environment that they can thrive in. Contact us today to get an iPhone franchise or electronic store franchise.

UNLIMITED SUPPORT – While we work with business people from all walks of life, the Experimac franchise opportunity is open to anyone with business savvy. You don’t have to be a device expert. From the very outset you will attend a two week training course in West Palm Beach, Florida, and our support team will help you to choose and set up your chosen location and store.We will continue to train you on the job and help you set up operations, hire employees and more until you are ready to fly solo. Contact us today to get an iPhone franchise or electronic store franchise.

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