Training and Support

Experimac is a Proven Business.

In order for our franchisees to be industry experts and have the necessary knowledge to provide superior service to their communities, we provide outstanding training and support. Experimac franchisees come from all backgrounds, but through our proven programs they learn the skills – and have access to the resources – necessary to succeed in this industry. We take computer business training and support seriously so our franchise owners are prepared for running their businesses.

Check out the video below to get an introduction to United Franchise Group’s world headquarters.

Initial Training

Every Experimac franchisee goes through our world-class training program at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. This two-week computer business training and support program is one of the most extensive programs in the entire franchising industry. It is here where our franchisees learn all about the tech industry, strategies for running a profitable tech business, and best practices for marketing to your customers. After you finish this training course in Florida, we will go with you to your new location for hands-on, one-on-one training.

Startup Support

Our team of worldwide franchising experts is here to support all our franchisees as they get started and throughout the life of their businesses. Starting with site selection, where our real estate pros help you pick a prime location for your new business, we help you make the most of your store. While you attend training, we work with real estate agents, landlords, contractors, and suppliers to coordinate your store’s build out.

When you complete your training course at our headquarters, you will return to your store to hit the ground running with onsite computer business training and support. This is when you will learn the finer points of running your franchise.

Experimac gives continuous support and guidance through virtually every aspect of starting your franchise and opening for business, including:

  • Site selection advice based on studies of your market and demographics
  • Store build out
  • Lease negotiation on the perfect building
  • Employee hiring and training
  • Marketing and advertising, including website setup and support
  • Financing and equipment leasing
  • Ongoing Support
Ongoing Support

Whenever we have a new franchise up and running, we are dedicated to providing thorough ongoing support to help our owners succeed in their markets. Experimac franchisees can rely on our extensive support staff locally, regionally, and internationally, so a helping hand is never far away.

This team of professionals is always available to guide you on sales, research and development, marketing, and technical needs. Our ongoing computer business training and support is a major asset for our franchisees.

Some of the support that Experimac franchisee have access to includes:
  • Established vendor relationships
  • Mass purchasing power
  • Continuous online training for franchisees and staff through a proprietary portal
  • Ongoing research regarding technological advancements
  • Intranet which provides easy access to needed information
  • Regular visits from regional marketing staff
  • Regional meetings
  • Access to the World Expo
  • Peer relationships with other franchisees from many industries
  • Franchisee group calls

Our goal is for our franchisees to be industry experts, complete with all the necessary knowledge to give superior service to their customers. By giving the training and support that helps our franchisees succeed, we make this goal a reality.

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