Training and Support

Experimac is a Proven Business.

We want Experimac franchisees to be industry experts that have the knowledge needed to provide superior service to their communities. We provide franchisees with the training and support they need to make this goal a reality. Experimac franchisees come from all walks of life, but have the skills and resources needed to succeed in the industry after taking part in our extensive training program and opening an Experimac location.

Start Up Support
Initial Training

Experimac franchisees receive world-class training at our global headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. During the extensive two-week training program (one of the most extensive programs in the franchise industry) Experimac franchisees learn about the tech industry, how to run a lucrative tech business, and how to market and advertise for success. After franchisees complete the two-week training course, Experimac provides franchisees with personal, one-on-one training in the new location.

Experimac experts assist franchisees with site selection to help pick a prime location for the new business. While franchisees are going through the initial training program, we coordinate the store’s build out, shipping everything from fixtures to furniture from the warehouse in Sydney NSW. When franchisees complete the two-week training program, they travel to the new location and begin receiving on the job training and support so that they can hit the ground running and begin making sales while learning the fine points of running an Experimac location.

Experimac provides support and guidance through virtually every aspect of location start-up, including:
  • Store site selection advice that is based on demographic studies
  • Store build out and set up assistance
  • Help with negotiating the lease on the building
  • Hiring and training aid
  • Marketing and advertising assistance, including website setup and support
  • Help with financing and equipment leasing if needed
  • Ongoing Support

After a new franchise location is up and running, Experimac provides extensive support to help franchisees succeed in the industry. Experimac franchisees have access to support staff at the corporate office and right in their local region so that a helping hand is never far away. Franchisees benefit from having a team of professionals available to provide guidance pertaining to sales, marketing, research and development, and technical needs.

Experimac franchisees benefit from having access to support which includes:
  • Established vendor relationships
  • Mass purchasing power
  • Continuous online training for franchisees and staff through a proprietary portal
  • Experimac’s continuous research regarding technological advancements
  • Intranet which provides easy access to needed information
  • Regular visits from regional marketing staff
  • Regional meetings
  • Peer relationships with other franchisees from many industries through the World Expo
  • Experimac franchisee group calls