Our Story

Experimac is a Proven Business.

Like many successful companies such as Google, Disney, Hewlett Packard, and Apple, Experimac was started out of a garage. Jim Muir, the founder of the company, wanted to offer customers top of the line electronics equipment such as Apple products, but at an affordable rate. Jim began purchasing used electronics equipment such as computers, cell phones & tablets to buy, repair, and sell. The concept was so successful that Jim was quickly able to open a retail location.

The First Experimac

The first Experimac location was opened in West Palm Beach, Florida in 2009. The store quickly became highly successful, so Jim asked his four sons to join the team in order to help provide the best service possible while developing long-lasting relationships with the customers. In the years since the store opened, Experimac has built a reputation for offering superior customer service, unmatched expertise in the electronics industry, and reasonable prices for used Apple equipment.

Going Global

After enjoying several years of success at the West Palm Beach Experimac location, Jim Muir decided to expand and begin offering others the opportunity to own Experimac locations by franchising. Muir teamed up with Ray Titus, the founder and CEO of the franchising conglomerate United Franchise Group in February 2015. Muir and Titus knew one another on a personal level from church and their children’s school, so Titus felt comfortable investing in Muir’s innovative idea. Titus said, “This is an incredible opportunity that I feel United Franchise Group can take Worldwide.”

Experimac Success

The first Experimac location began earning over one million dollars annually by the end of 2012. In 2013, the store grossed over $1.8 million. There are currently several franchise locations in Florida and Georgia, as well as a few other states. While new franchise owners should not expect to replicate the success of the first store right away, the Experimac concept can help franchise owners to realize higher profits more quickly than most other franchise concepts.

Franchisee Success

Experimac is invested in franchisee success. Franchisees pay a royalty fee of six percent, so the success of franchise locations fuels the success of the company as a whole. To help franchisees achieve the greatest amount of success possible, Experimac offers franchisees industry-leading training, support through regional offices, assistance with marketing techniques, the advantage of mass purchasing power, a location-specific website, the guidance of the concept structure, and industry know-how.

Experimac is now available for franchise throughout Australia.