Posted on December 28th 2017

Franchise businesses are slowly taking over Australia’s economic landscape. More and more entrepreneurs – both young and seasoned – are investing their money in an established brand instead of starting their own business model from scratch. Why? Financial security. Experimac, a reputable and successful tech franchise, is a continuously growing enterprise. With our experience and […]

Posted on December 27th 2017

Experimac is a unique franchising concept that specialises in the servicing and sale of Apple products. This turnkey investment gives franchisees the opportunity to serve Australians looking for high-tech solutions at affordable prices. If you’re considering owning an Experimac franchise, here are just some of the things you might want to know about Experimac: Experimac […]

Posted on December 26th 2017

Managing your own business will affect you financially, professionally and personally. You will learn many new things throughout the process of managing your own business. If you decide to start your own business from scratch, expect that it will take some time for you to completely establish your business in the market. One way on […]

Posted on December 22nd 2017

There are obviously numerous questions to ask when buying a franchise in Australia. If you’re considering opening an Experimac location, below are just some of the questions prospective franchisees frequently ask: How much is the overall investment and what does it cover? For most investors, the overall investment cost is between $190,000 and $200,000. This […]

Posted on December 21st 2017

Computer repair is a growing business that is only set to get bigger. The demand for repair services for Apple products has increased astronomically in line with the success the company has had over the last decade. Setting up a computer repair franchise is a proven business model that is both efficient and sustainable. However, […]

Posted on December 20th 2017

If you are goal-oriented and excel in leadership, you might want to consider becoming your own boss. Being your own boss requires you to be disciplined and have stability in several aspects of your life. As your own boss, you should have a personal support system, a stable emotional state and excellent time management skills. […]

Posted on October 21st 2017

Before buying a franchise, you should make sure that you are making an informed decision before signing the contract of agreement. It is critical that you should ask specific questions to the franchisor so that you are well informed of the franchise business. A franchisor should be open to hear questions about their business. Asking […]

Posted on October 20th 2017

Franchise businesses are on the rise in Australia. According to the Franchise Council of Australia, there are currently more than 79,000 units operating in business format franchises, displaying an increase of around 8.2% since 2012. And the numbers aren’t dropping anytime soon. If you’re determined to become an accomplished franchisee yourself, these are the traits […]

Posted on October 19th 2017

Why do some franchisees excel while others fail? There are many factors to consider, but there are three main aspects to consider: The nature of the franchise, your perception of your franchise’ system and hiring the right people. A Well-Established Franchise There are always risks when it comes to starting a business, but taking a […]

Posted on September 15th 2017

Every business is measured by its hold in the market, by its sales—and we, at Experimac, think in the same way: we use numbers to show prospective business-minded people the advantages of working with a well-known information technology franchise brand. After all, numbers don’t lie. Technology Technology has that propensity to show booming sales at […]

Posted on September 5th 2017

More than 60% of small to medium businesses close down after only two to three years in operation, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. — This is a terrifying statistic for Australians who want to start their own businesses. And as with any business start-up, there are always risks involved, no matter how confident […]

Posted on August 25th 2017

If you merely consider human nature, you may not be surprised that our social behaviour is intrinsically determined by the behaviours of others, the word-of-mouth and the reporting of others. With this in mind, business and sales cannot ignore this nature of the buyer: and for this reason, Australian franchise company, Experimac Franchise reviews are […]

Posted on August 15th 2017

We have been asked on many occasions where and how Experimac came to be, and what the reasons for our success are. It also makes sense to ask about our origins, especially if you are thinking about joining the Experimac family. Where We Started Experimac had a humble start in a garage, just like many […]

Posted on August 5th 2017

We know that starting a franchise can seem like a big leap, and rightfully so. In fact, we encourage all our potential franchisees to do all the research they feel necessary to allow them to join the Experimac family with peace of mind that their investment will pay off. That being said, if you’re still […]

Posted on July 25th 2017

If you find yourself in the technology repairs industry, and would love to still do what you love, but benefit from greater financial security and the support of an established business that’s committed to your success, you should consider upgrading your business and start an Experimac Franchise. However, don’t just take our word for it. […]

Posted on July 13th 2017

Owning a franchise can be one of the best financial decisions you ever make.If you franchise with Experimac, you start your journey with a wealth of training and support that is guaranteed to jumpstart your franchising success. Choosing Experimac At Experimac Franchise we believe in providing our potential franchisees with all the information and assets they […]

Posted on July 5th 2017

Financing a franchise can be one of the most financially freeing decisions you’ll ever make, but you still need to be able to provide start-up and other fees before you become a franchisee. Here are some of the costs you need to keep in mind if you’ve decided to join Experimac’s team of highly successful […]

Posted on June 25th 2017

There are many franchise advantages that often make it a better choice than starting your own business, but before you take the plunge, there are some questions you need to ask yourself. At Experimac we believe in being completely upfront when engaging with someone who is considering becoming one of our franchisees, which is why […]

Posted on June 15th 2017

Congratulations on deciding to invest in becoming your own boss and putting down finance for a franchise business. It’s the first step in what is sure to be a long and successful career where you profit and grow from strength to strength. If you’ve decided that you would like to run a computer repair franchise […]

Posted on June 1st 2017

If you’re ready to start your journey into the world of technology franchising, you’ve undoubtedly done your research, but it will only take you so far. There are some important questions to ask when you’re buying a franchise in Australia, that only those knowledgeable in the industry would know to ask. Luckily, you don’t need […]

Posted on May 21st 2017

Have you been dreaming of becoming your own boss for some time now? It’s not great feeling like you’re just another cog in the wheel of a big business and that you could easily be replaced. You want to feel appreciated and you want to be able to benefit from your hard work personally. You […]

Posted on May 15th 2017

 The Australian franchise market offers over 1 100 franchise systems. This staggering statistic makes the difficulty in choosing the best business opportunity for you a daunting prospect. How do you separate the wheat from the chaff to find the perfect franchise fit for you? Due diligence. It is an exhausting process of investigation into the different […]

Posted on April 30th 2017

 Never before has owning a successful franchise business been made so easy. With the exponential growth in technological devices – and this rate is only guaranteed to rise as society becomes more and more reliant on digital technology – offering sales and repair services for mobile devices and other digital products in Australia is a […]

Posted on April 15th 2017

The Australian franchise market is thriving.With so many different franchise businesses to choose from,deciding on a particular one can be downright overwhelming. Being an established franchise, we know all too well the common concerns of ambitious franchisees. We were once there ourselves. We hope the following reasons encourage you to turn your entrepreneurial desires into […]

Posted on April 6th 2017

Like all successful businesses, Experimac was built on a brilliant idea. Ours was to provide easy access to top electronic brands like Apple at affordable prices. In addition to this we put ethical practices such as offering a customer-centred service and incomparable proficiencies in the electronics industry at the heart of what we do. The […]

Posted on March 25th 2017

Doing your due diligence is the surest way of deciding on the best next business opportunity in the market for you. It’s best to consider all ways to get the information you need. This includes consulting with other franchisees, searching the Franchise Business Directory and speaking to a lawyer specialising in franchises. The more information […]

Posted on March 10th 2017

Opening a franchise eases the process of starting a business of your own by solving many of the points of pain experienced by entrepreneurs building a business from the ground up and in isolation. At Experimac we are aware of the risks of going out on your own and can sympathise with the growing pains […]

Posted on February 23rd 2016

Opening an Experimac franchise is an incredible franchising opportunity, and even a language barrier didn’t stop Christophe Sevin from leaving his engineering job in France to open an Experimac in east Orlando. Experimac is a computer business that sells pre-owned Apple products and offers repair services for laptops, phones, and tablets. Apple has a strong […]

Posted on November 26th 2015

Jim Spisak and his daughter, Jamie, both made a business decision that would change their lives for the better. Jim, 59, and Jamie 28, both left careers in corporate America to launch a business of their own. Just last month, the father-daughter duo will open their Experimac franchise location at 4709 W. Park Rd. in […]